VSL.AI Review 2023

By: Kevin Arca

Updated October 2023

VSL.AI Review 2023

By: Kevin Arca

Updated October 2023

VSL.AI Review

This is a complete review of VSL.AI.

VSL.AI is a software that produces high-performing Video Ad scripts in minutes.

It does this by combining cutting-edge AI with the structure of some of the highest selling video ad scripts ever made.

The result... You can get Video Sales Letter (VSL) scripts you can use for video ads that have the highest chance of conversions because they're based off of proven campaigns...

And you can do it in a fraction of the cost and time as everyone else.

If this sounds interesting:

  • Build a high-converting video ad script in minutes for a few dollars, instead of hiring a copywriter, waiting weeks for a draft, and spending thousands
  • Turn market and avatar research from hours into 1 minute
  • Have hyper-personalized copy written that works for any niche, market, or product
  • Produce a video ad script that’s modeled from 8 figure campaigns
  • Have a shot list made for you with step by step scenes you can hand to a video producer
  • Effortlessly create compelling upsells, emails, sales pages, social media posts all based on highly successful and proven ones

Then VSL.AI might be right for you.

The best part?

I’ve personally used VSL.AI to produce multiple VSL ads and upsell scripts that I was able to create and launch quickly and without having to hire a copywriter.

So in this review, we’ll cover what it’s like to use VSL.AI to produce high quality video ad scripts.

Let’s dive right in.

What is VSL.AI?

VSL.AI allows you to do incredibly in-depth market research and create multiple video ad scripts all in a matter of minutes.

Now for those of you who have tried getting good copywriting out of Chat-GPT or Claude 2 only to be painfully disappointed with generic scripts... Rest assured...

VSL.AI does not do this.

The key difference with VSL.AI is that the AI's been trained on the structure of scripts that have done at least $10 million in sales.

In other words, it's been trained and primed on highly proven scripts, and is not just going off data it finds on the internet.

So right off the bat, this AI tool has now been turned into your own personal expert copywriter... ready to produce endless variations in moments.

This is how VSL.AI replaces the need to hire expensive copywriters that charge thousands for a script, not to mention the days or weeks it takes to get those scripts done.

Who’s behind VSL.AI?

It was founded by Peter Kell, a VSL expert who took his company from 0 to 40 million in sales in 12 months using VSLs, and who also produced several of the highest grossing video ads in the world while serving as VSL Director at Mindvalley.

The software launched in 2023 with a closed beta for top advertisers and has been publicly available since August 2023.

The company mission?

To give its users the ultimate advantage to sell any product at scale by being able to rapidly produce and split test video ad variations at a fraction of the cost and time.

With a steady release of new features on the horizon, an explosive launch, and a growing customer base, one thing is for sure: VSL.AI is here to stay.

Who is VSL.AI for?

If you are a:

  • Advertiser
  • Business owner
  • Copywriter
  • Course creator
  • Amazon store owner
  • Coach / consultant
  • E-com offer owners
  • Affiliate marketer

And you want to:

Create 20 variations of video ad scripts based on the most successful VSLs, and do it within a few minutes of work.

Then VSL.AI might be right for you.

Let’s dissect and review the VSL.AI software piece by piece, so you can make a well-informed decision whether it’s the right choice for you.

The 4 main features of VSL.AI

Basically, VSL.AI consists of 4 main features:

1. Market Research

2. 8 Figure Modeling

3. The 2nd Draft

4. Shot list

With the market research function, you can simply copy and paste information about your product, and within seconds it will give you detailed market research:

With the 8 figure modeling, you simply choose one of the 20 scripts that have all done over $10 Million in sales, and select one for your script to model:

With the 2nd draft feature, after producing the first draft AI will ask you detailed questions to transform the script from good to hyper-personalized:

With the shot list feature, once your VSL is done, simply click a button and you’ll get a step by step shot list to hand to your video producer to have the video created as it should be.

Feature #1 - Market Research

When you log in to VSL.AI it looks like this:

It’s a clean interface, where you can pretty much do two things:

Create a new product you want it to write VSLs for...

And review the existing VSLs you’ve already created

To get started, simply click My Products, and you’ll be prompted to enter your product and offer info.

Now this is where it starts to get good.

Input any and all information you have about your product or you can literally copy and paste your sales page or your product page, including testimonials (the more info you give it, the better script it can produce)...

And within seconds you’ll get a detailed market research breakdown that looks like this:

This is an editable field, so if you want to add something, you can just type it in.

Typically to get this level of market research…

It’s hours spent reading about the product, determining the customer avatar’s demographics and psychographics, reading reviews, spending time on forums and groups like Facebook groups and Reddit, searching on google and youtube…

With VSL.AI, you can take hours long market research and turn it into seconds.

And if you’d like to add more to it, you can just type it in, but you get the foundation almost instantly.

This is what the full market research looks like, including:

- Avatar

- Primary Goal

- Primary Complaint

- Secondary Goals

- Secondary Complaints

- Promises

- Benefits

- Objections

- Ultimate Fear

- False Solutions

- Mistaken Beliefs

- Expensive Alternatives

Now once you’ve added any details you think it missed, you click ‘Create Your First Draft Now’ at the bottom right, and it begins writing the VSL right before your eyes.

The way VSL.AI works is based on credits

If you look at the top right, I have 10 credits.

These credits are refilled every month with the subscription.

And on the left you can see that using ChatGPT version 3.5 uses .1 credit per script produced…

While ChatGPT version 4 uses 1 credit per script produced.

Without getting too in the weeks, GPT-4 is more advanced than 3.5 in that it has more data points to go off of therefore it’s “smarter” and more efficient, it also has a longer memory and better context window - basically it’s just a more advanced version.

3.5 still produces incredible results, and during testing of 20+ VSL scripts in the beginning, I tried 3.5 and they were excellent.

VSL.AI Feature Conclusion

Although not the main feature promoted in the VSL.AI software, the market research function is incredible.

It saves hours of research, or money if you hired out a copywriter to do this for you.

It allows you to easily make edits in case you wanted to make any changes to make it just right.

The best way I’ve found to use the credit system, is to test multiple scripts in 3.5 and once you get a feel for which one you like best, start using 4 to optimize it ever further.

Also “time to value” is incredibly fast.

Once you log in to the software, it takes you all of 3 seconds to begin using it…

And about a minute to turn out a highly detailed market research breakdown.

No space wasted with unnecessary features.

Feature #2 - 8 Figure Modeling

The second main feature of VSL.AI is how it uses hyper-successful VSL scripts as the guide to create your script.

This is one of the most important parts of this entire software and what sets it apart from anything else that’s available.

These are the scripts that are modeled:

These are all scripts that have produced more than $10 million in sales.

VSL.AI takes the structure of these winning campaigns, and uses your market research to recreate it in your own style.

This is the general idea with VSL.AI - Using proven script structures, infusing it with your own product, avatar, vision, and style, yields a higher chance of success than trying to reinvent the wheel by starting from scratch.

When asked about the subject in an interview, the founder, Peter Kell, responsed, if you want to climb Mount Everest - which guide do you want?

The one who’s never been to the top…

Or the one that’s been there repeatedly and has a proven process.

VSL.AI Feature Conclusion

Again, VSL.AI comes through by giving you a video ad script with the highest chance of success by modeling from the highest performing ones ever written.

This again sets VSL.AI massively apart from hiring a copywriter that may write an awesome script, but the question is - has the structure of that script proven itself with high sales?


With VSL.AI the answer is 100% yes.

As of the time of this writing, there are 20 8 figure campaigns that the software uses for modeling, but we hear there could potentially be more coming (UPDATE: They now offer much more, click here to see new list of VSLs and other campaigns VSL.AI now offers).

Feature #3 - The 2nd Draft

Now onto one of the coolest features: the 2nd Draft.

What this feature does is after producing the first draft, it asks you 20 detailed questions about your vision, product, and offer…

And what happens next is it writes the 2nd draft that’s 100x better and more specific.

Here’s what this looks like:

I remember the first time I used this feature…

After the seeing the first draft, I thought “wow, this is good”

Then after seeing the second draft, I thought “this is amazing!”

VSL.AI Feature Conclusion:

The 2nd Draft feature is a game-changing function that takes the script from good to great.

With the information it gets after asking you incredibly detailed questions, it truly makes the script YOURS.

This is where it catches all of the nuances, subtleties, and details that make your script unique to you and your voice.

Truly, an incredible feature.

Feature #4 - The Shot List

The fourth main feature of VSL.AI is the Shot List, and it looks like this:

Once you get your final script, simply paste it in the box and immediately get a shot list for your videographer.

It includes a b-roll shot list, and step-by-step editing directions.

So whether you’re handing this to a videographer, or producing the video yourself, this makes the filming and editing process very straightforward.

If you’re working with an editor, this means less drafts and revisions because you’re giving them explicit instructions.

And if you’re producing it yourself, you have a clear map of how to put it together faster.

I know VSL.AI is working on creating a network of video production partner companies, so instead of going to Fiverr or Upwork, you can send the script and shot list to them as well.

I personally haven’t tried this network out, but I’m sure given their repetition of dealing with these exact types of VSLs with detailed shot lists, it will most likely be better, faster, and cheaper than hiring it out to a stranger.

VSL.AI Feature Conclusion

The shot list is one more important piece of the puzzle to creating video ads with simplicity and ease.

In my own experience, before I used VSL.AI I found some trouble getting videographers to give me what I was looking for based on my script.

Either I gave them too much creative control and they didn't do what I wanted, or it took me forever to tell them exactly what to put in.

This feature eliminates the misunderstandings between you and the videographer and the excessive work of meticulously describing what you want shown.

So overall this feature this really streamlines the process and saves time, money (for revisions), and work.

With their video production partners being an added bonus to make it even easier and better.

More noteworthy features

Now that we have gone over the four main features of VSL.AI, let’s look at some other noteworthy features.

VSL.AI Expands to Upsells, Emails, Sales Pages, and more!

*The September 15th update was the biggest since the launch of the software.*

It opened up a massive amount of new features, taking this software from only serving 20 Short-Mid Form VSLs...

To now where it offers:

  • Long-form VSLs
  • VSL Leads (the beginning 10-120 seconds that inspires the viewer to keep watching)
  • Scripts to boost Average Order Value
  • Advertorials
  • Sales Pages
  • Upsell Scripts
  • Emails (Cold Email, Headlines, Welcome Emails, Abandon Cart Sequences)
  • Social Media Copy (currently just cold LinkedIn DMs)
  • 200+ Headlines

Much the same as you would for the VSL script to be created, you input your product data and you can get headlines, emails, sales pages, etc all within minutes.

VSL.AI maintains the principle of modeling from the best, so all of these tools continue to be inspired by the best-performing in the industry.

I used the upsell script and created a 10 minute upsell VSL in less than 20 minutes (after going back through and making edits).

I haven't used all of these features yet, so I will continue to use them and report back here, but this rollout is definitely a testament to the fact that VSL.AI is trying to be the one stop shop for all things copywriting, not just VSLs.

Compliance Checker (feature currently in beta)

Once they’re done with their script, members can easily run it through a Compliance Checker inside VSL.AI.

Just copy and paste it into this section:

And out comes a score from 1 to 10 on the risk scale, as well as recommended steps to make sure you’re more legally safeguarded.

Of course they do recommend running things by your own lawyer if you feel something is risky, but this feature makes it easy and fast to check compliance without needing to spend $1000/hour in lawyer fees.

Let's say you want to quickly test 10 script variations for compliance, just plug them in here and you'll get guidance within seconds.

This is especially useful given the rate that Facebook bans ad accounts as of recently.

What VSL.AI (currently) lacks

Script to Video Editing Feature

This supposedly has been in the works for potentially rolling out in the future.

A feature that you would just paste your script into, and based on the content, you’d get a high quality video or slideshow.

This will truly be the last straw to change video ads forever.

As this point, you can have a high-converting video ad scripts created, produced, edited, with a few clicks and a few minutes of work… for less than $50.

Then you could create countless variations, upload them to your platform of choice, and just see what takes off.

I have no idea how close or far VSL.AI is with this feature, so for the time being the partner video production partner network is the best bet for getting videos done quickly.

VSL.AI pricing

VSL.AI pricing is as simple as the software itself.

There are two plans with everything included:

$49 / month. This is month to month, no contract

$449 / year. The year plan comes out to $37.40/month on a monthly basis

Either option give you 10 credits per month, which as discussed above is based on how you use the software.

If you run out of credits before your monthly refill, you can purchase more inside:

VSL.AI currently does not offer a free trial.

VSL.AI customer support

Personally I’ve never had to ask for support in my time using VSL.AI, the platform is pretty self-explanatory.

But if you do need support, you can contact the VSL.AI team via email, or using the chat feature when you’re logged in. I hear they reply fast.

You can also join the private FB group once you join, and get some good answers there from either the team behind VSL.AI or other users.

Conclusion: Is VSL.AI worth it?


  • Create high level video ad scripts without paying thousands of dollars typically needed for a copywriter
  • Produce VSL scripts in minutes instead of days or weeks of doing it manually
  • Generate VSL script variations in mass to accelerate success through split tests
  • Model the highest grossing video ad scripts to increase the chance of your script scaling
  • Produce detailed market research in minutes instead of hours
  • Build a shot list for video producers with step-by-step instructions
  • Gain idea of script compliance
  • Produce VSL leads, upsells, emails, sales pages, headlines, hooks and more with new feature rollout
  • Great user experience and easy to learn


  • Unclear which niche each 8 figure script is for, therefore you have to test multiple to find the right one for your product
  • No script to video tool, so you still need to produce the video
  • No free trial

VSL.AI is free of unnecessary features, is very easy to use, and the combination of using cutting edge AI, $10+ million script structures, allows you to create potentially high converting video scripts (and more!) in a fraction of the time, and without having to hire expensive copywriters.

The learning curve for VSL.AI is about 3 seconds.

This makes the platform accessible to everyone, no matter the level of technical skill.

Whether you’re selling your own offer or marketing somebody else's, VSL.AI provides very solid mechanisms to produce video scripts fast.

As any marketer knows, the path to scaling a campaign is split testing.

So this software answers the dream of being able to create tons of variations faster and cheaper than ever before.

VSL.AI has a few cons (the biggest being you don’t know exactly what product the model script wrote, so you have to test several) but there's a solution to all of them.

When Peter Kell introduced VSL.AI, he said:

“The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is how well a person uses leverage in their life. VSL.AI gives you leverage.”

After using VSL.AI to create several scripts for me in minutes, I can honestly say this is true.

You’ll find that whether you’re an online marketer who knows all the tech, or a business owner who doesn’t know tech, the experience on the platform is simple and straightforward at all times.

I definitely encourage you to try VSL.AI for yourself and see whether you like it!

Visit VSL.AI to see more.

Thanks for reading!

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